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Wine tasting at home/Oenology classes

When you choose to host your guests at home, it answers to several aims:

  • It's more personal, it's warmer
  • You set it up in the way and the style you wish, from a one-to-one intimate dinner to a more formal event or like an easy-going gathering between joyful friends
  • It's fashionable: just keep in mind the ever-growing success of home deliveries, of chef-cooked gourmet boxes and exotic food catering

What about the wine or the champagne? Is it part of your thoughts?

  • Make it the extra factor that will convert a simple dinner into an unforgettable and sparkling event!
  • From appetizers to desserts, delegate to My Private Sommelier all the duties related to wine and champagne, whether it is for its service, its tasting (having the choice between a quiz, a blind tasting or a thematic) or for its pairing with the food you enjoy

In practical terms

in touch

Getting in touch

Once the contact form received, suggestions are made on which you express your preferences (thematics of the tasting, food pairing..)

Setting up a meeting
at home

Setting up a meeting at home

In view of setting up the content of the service and finalizing the wine order. Being part of a tailor-made proposal, this step is key for a better knowledge of each other and to ensure the success of the tasting.

The D day

The D day...

My Private Sommelier takes care from A to Z of the wine or champagne part : set up, servicing, tasting, tips and stories behind the label...


It is so much customer-driven, so embedded in your event to make it enjoyable... that you will urge yourself to set up an other one!

Jean-Claude CHAVAL