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Cellar management

Regardless of your current situation for storing wines, a cellar embodies a pleasure investment. Its nature and its content may vary over time and should reflect as well the versatility of your taste.

Together, we'll go through:

  • An assessment of your holdings and the definition of your targets

  • A statement of possible constraints (available room, wine cabinet, need to store at an external cave) before expressing a proposal

  • The pace of building up the inventory

  • The implementation of a tracking tool, accessible on mobile devices, for the ins/outs and for the follow up of the ideal drinking periods

After, looking further, we can follow a broader wealth management approach and, for instance, think about a cellar for your heirs, etc..

In practical terms

in touch

Getting in touch

Once the contact form received, an assessment of the storage conditions and expected consumption rate are made

Setting up a
meeting at home

Setting up a meeting at home

It will allow to confirm the alternatives suggested, their respective cost and the way wine and champagne purchases should be organized

Optionally, walking alongside

Optionally, walking alongside

It would be the case if you wish to load your inventory on a smartphone device or, in case of sales of bottles, to prepare an eventual meeting with an auction house

follow ups

Further follow ups

Over time, certain factors may request adjustments in the purchase program


It is so much customer-driven, it is so much a partnership in the advisory.. that you will enjoy growing up your cellar quicker than you thought!!

Jean-Claude CHAVAL