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Wine concierge: your exclusive sommelier

Among hedonists that highly appreciate wines and champagnes, your profile might be...


The connoisseur

Perfectionist , always searching to capture all the nuances of his beloved "crus"


The passionate

Constantly curious about new discoveries or about the latest winemaker/producer in fashion and he wishes to be the first to talk precisely about the case


The true beginner

The one expressing spontaneously his feelings ("I like/I don't like"..) and who strives to put some order in his "coups de coeur" and in the reasons of his preferences

...nevertheless, all of these profiles have a common expectation : they wish to be able to rely upon "a good friend" who would be knowledgeable about wines, that they would dare to bother at any time and from whom they expect a long term loyal presence in order:

  • To discover more "pearls"

  • To find out an unusual format of a desired bottle (magnum, jeroboam..)

  • To request a delivery in the suitable location of the moment (country house/chalet or boat..)

Most often, by lack of time or of the proper personal connections, you'll decide to pass your turn...
Instead, let My Private Sommelier take your hand..!


In practical terms

in touch

Getting in touch

Once the contact form received, a workability of the request is made, on the time frame as well and, if need be, on possible alternatives

Setting up a meeting
at home

Setting up a meeting at home

It would be wishable, if there are only purchases. It becomes a pre requisite, if sales of bottles are         foreseen (linked or not with a further purchase, like in the case of an "arbitrage")

Once purchases
are done

Once purchases are done

As soon a purchase is confirmed, you are provided with a profile of the producer and tips on the wine bought


It is so much customer-driven, so much a common excitement to clinch the coveted bottle.. that you will try harder to challenge one more time My Private Sommelier!

Jean-Claude CHAVAL